Cellron IoT Development Board

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Cellron development board is a new generation IoT development module that can be programmed with Micropython and Arduino Ide. Cellron development boards have 4G-LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth triple network. Thanks to the 4G-LTE module, it makes it possible to send the data you want to the place you want in the easiest way, regardless of distance. It is specially optimized for Cellron M2M and IoT applications and offers communication with high data rates. With these features, Cellron is a unique development board in this field that offers many features to the users as well as providing the ability to communicate without distance. It is a development board that provides you full flexibility with its Quectel EC25 4G/LTE module on Cellron development boards and its real-time networking feature.


NOTE: The LTE Antenna should always be used with LTE, otherwise it may seriously damage the development board.

Technical Features

• Espressif ESP32 yonga seti • Çip üzerinde çift işlemcili WiFi radyo Sistemi
• 2 x UART, 2 x SPI, I2C, mikro SD kart • Analog kanallar: 8_12 bit ADC'ler, 2_8 bit DAC • Zamanlayıcılar (Timers): 16 kanala kadar PWM ile 2_64 bit • Tüm elektronik ekipmanlarda DMA (Direct Access Memory) • GPIO: 22'ye kadar
WiFi Ağı
WiFi Ağı • 802.11b/b/n 16mbps • 1 km'ye kadar menzil • Güç: Aktif modda 12mA, bekleme modunda 5uA Bluetooth • Düşük enerji ve klasik • Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR ve BLE spesifikasyonu ile uyumlu

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