Heron IoT Development Board

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The first domestic RTK-GPS development system Heron RTK-GPS System Multi-Band Real Time RTK-GPS system is a complete and integrated system for sensitive field studies such as lokaysan control, position and flight control. You can perform all precise positioning operations with centimeter-level accuracy with the Heron RTK-GPS system. Heron RTK-GPS System is an RTK-GPS system consisting of a base station and rover boards that provide data exchange with 3 different communication methods. In addition to Lora or Zigbee methods, which are long-distance communication methods, as a communication method, it consists of data link boards that allow communication without distance using 4G-LTE technology. The Heron RTK-GPS system is a domestic precision positioning system that offers reasonable price and alternative communication methods with centimeter accuracy from existing systems in the market. Quectel EC25-EU Mini PCIe Module is an LTE Cat 4 Wireless Communication System specifically designed for M2M and IoT domains. A PCI Express interface uses the Mini Card interface. This module meets the requirements of customers' applications to raise cost and power consumption, and supports a maximum download speed of 150Mbps and a maximum connection speed of 50Mbps.


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