Loron IoT Development Board

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Loron development board is a new generation IoT development module that can be programmed with Micropython and Arduino Ide. Loron development boards have NRF24L01 (2.4 GHz), WiFi and Bluetooth triple network. You can buy the Loron development board and program it by connecting it to the computer with USB, and you can join the free development environment of Teleron with the Loron development module. Loron development cards allow you to implement your projects quickly, as well as provide you the opportunity to communicate easily with the original software libraries that it offers to you as open source over long distances, wirelessly at 2.4GHz frequency, with the NRF24L01 wireless module on which the Loron development card is located. Loron with the latest Espressif ESP32 chipset; It offers the perfect combination of power, ease of use and flexibility. Build things anywhere and connect them quickly. It can be programmed with MicroPython and Arduino Ide for fast IoT application development and easy programming in the field. Powerful CPU, BLE and state-of-the-art WiFi radio Usable with MicroPython and Arduino Ide Ultra low power usage: very small compared to other connected microcontrollers.

Technical Features

• Espressif ESP32 yonga seti • Çip üzerinde çift işlemcili WiFi radyo Sistemi
LoRa Spesifikasyonu
• Semtech LoRa alıcı-verici(transceiver) SX1276 • LoRaWAN yığını(stack) • A ve C sınıfı cihazlar
LoRa Menzil Spesifikasyonu
• Düğüm(Node) menzili: 40 km'ye kadar
• 2 x UART, SPI, 2 x I2C, I2S, mikro SD kart • Analog kanallar: 8_12 bit ADC'ler • Zamanlayıcılar (Timers): PWM ve giriş yakalama(input capture) ile 4_16 bit • Tüm elektronik ekipmanlarda DMA (Direct Access Memory) • GPIO: 24'e kadar
• RAM: 4MB • Harici flaş(External flash): 8MB

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